December 29, 2019

End of Week #1


I'm organizing my tasks in Trello as one week sprints, and today is the end of week #1.
This week was all about preparing for launching an MVP landing page next week to gauge interest and validate pricing.
My website had been a simple one-page blog with no email collection, so I've added the pieces I think necessary to have potential users trust me with their contact details. As some target customers will be in the EU, I also need to be GDPR compliant.
Apart from the concrete steps of publishing to the website, I thought through and made one important decision: I've reduced the feature list of the MVP, which in turn will reduce my time and effort per customer during the "concierge" phase whereby I'll be manually completing some tasks to provide the service.


  1. Published a "Privacy" page to the website.
  2. Published an "About Us" page to provide some credibility.
  3. Published a "Contact Us" page using WPForms Lite plug-in from WP Forms.
  4. Added the GDPR Cookie Consent plug-in by WebToffee to the website.
  5. Created the demo reports for the forthcoming landing page.
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