January 5, 2020

End of Week #2


I worked the final days of my day job on the 30th and 31st. This week is my first week working full time on this project. I woke every morning for the last few days looking forward to starting work. That's a good feeling.
I spent a considerable portion of this sprint on describing the features and benefits of what my MVP is offering. As I drafted and re-drafted, it felt at first that this documentation was a waste of time compared to coding. But as I talked in my head to my potential customer, I regained the excitement I felt when I first used my MVP tools for my own purposes. Now that I have the benefits on a draft landing page, I'm glad to move on from this part of the start-up process.
My aim for this sprint was to launch the landing page, and I've fallen short for a reason. To keep the costs low, I'm using a combination of the free versions of Elementor and WPForms. I'm new to both, and fairly novice at WordPress in general. It took more time than I expected to customize WPForms to do what I want.
But the time-suck is Elementor's poor performance in just drag-and-dropping elements. Occasionally I have to clear browser cache to get changes to "stick". I lost some frustrating hours when my page wouldn't open in the designer. Am I doing it wrong? Would an upgrade to Elementor Pro improve the usuablity? I'll throw out that question on IH and maybe some other forums next week.
So at the end of this sprint, I've pushed the pricing elements into the next sprint, as my first priority. I want to get that done early and rollout the landing page within the next few days.


  1. Published the Terms & Conditions page on the website.
  2. Completed end-to-end testing for the MVP service.
  3. Drafted the features and benefits provided by the MVP.
  4. Built the landing page with every section except Pricing.
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