The SaaS Mantra sale

A few months ago SaaS Mantra reached out to us and offered to promote Brick on their site. The idea is: they sell lifetime subscriptions to Brick (with a huge discount) and take a cut of the profits. You can see how the sale looks here.

This is turning out super well. Like completely unexpectedly well.

  • The sale has been live for two days and we've already made more money than in the entire existence of Brick.

  • We suddenly got a ton of new users with new interesting ideas about how Brick could be used (e.g. as a headless CMS).

  • When preparing for the sale, we had to implement a few cool features (e.g. collaborative workspaces and sign-up by email) that we would likely have spent a longer time implementing otherwise.

  • We were also motivated to write a roadmap, start a knowledge base, etc.

I think so far this has been the best thing to happen to Brick, much better than reaching the top page of Hacker News a year ago.

Viva la SaaS Mantra!

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