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A community for indie hackers in Brighton!

August 15, 2019 We hosted our 3rd Dinner Meetup

Summer holidays and a few drop outs meant it was just four of us this time. But on the bright side we had 50% women turn up!

The plan next month is to do a casual drinks event and a coffee morning.

We were so deep into conversation that I forgot to take a photo!

July 25, 2019 We hosted our first coffee meet!

I'm currently experimenting with different format of events.

We've done a couple of dinners now, today we tried out a coffee meet. 9 of us showed up and we all had a quick intro to who are and what we do. Some interesting conversations occurred as a result.

I'm really keen to experiment with different format and timing of events. At the moment I'm committing to two events a month, they are really easy and low key to organise, but also really help us connect on a more personal basis.


July 17, 2019 We hosted our 2nd Brighton Indie Hackers Meetup

For our meetups I've been opting to do small dinner events. We've limited it to 10 people and so far have had 100% turn out to both of them.

Keeping the events small means that everyone gets a chance to have real conversations with one another, which is what I miss at meetups with talks.

I hope to do some meetups with talks/activities in the autumn. For now, we will continue with some dinner and also casual coffee meets.

I also met @jas_hothi which was great to put a face to an active and introverted IH member ;)


June 7, 2019 We hosted our first Brighton Indie Hackers meetup!

And we had 100% attendance, plus an extra 2 people that we couldn't say no to!

For the first meetup I made it really clear that people should only RSVP if they could make it along. I also sent a reminder in the run up to encourage people to un-rsvp if they couldn't make it. Amazing that no one dropped out!

I personally wanted to make it a small and intimate event and focus on getting to know each other.

There were some great conversations...I'm expecting to see some MVPs next time we meet (you know who you are!)


May 31, 2019 Starting out...

I decided to start small with the Brighton Indie Hackers meetup group and opted for a Indie Hacker dinner for 8 people. I planned for it weeks in advance to avoid any stress of trying to get people to come.

I'm pleased to say that it is fully booked!

To promote it:

  • I posted in a couple of local groups
  • created a group
  • created a Twitter account, not much there yet
  • created a website (was really easy with, not really shared it much yet
  • I've also created a Telegram group to see if people will use that, not shared that yet either.

Next month I will try out an Indie Hacker Lunch meetup to see if people can make a day time thing.

I'd love to do some coworking days, hire out a space for a day, once a month, to hang out and work.

Baby steps though! Looking forward to next week!

A community for indie hackers in Brighton!