300 Customers!

Just a short 8 months ago, after nearly a year of being in production, we announced that we had 100 users.

Now, fast-forward about 8 months later, and we've tripled that number! Here's to fighting and growing for your users!

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    I used to be a customer, great product!

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    I am one of those happy customers, keep it up!

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      Thanks, Michael! Very cool to see your product on here -- I never knew you were an IHer, glad to see you on here!

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    What did you do to get them?

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      I think early on, writing a lot of content and some general SEO helps. Nothing in the "magical" territory, but just good 'ol-fashioned content goes a long ways. Listening also helps a lot to (see my comment to @armouti). Laying in a hammock and thinking about the future also brings new ideas to the table as well -- can't think of everything sitting in front of a computer. You've got to get out a bit and remember the bigger picture.

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    wow you're on a rip. What's been your main acquisition strategy ?

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      As lame as it sounds, I generally just listened. Everyone has different feedback and use-cases, and I tried to get all of them working in a way that makes sense. I also use the product myself (we generate our licenses using the service + scrape external docs for our documentation as well), so feeling and seeing shortcomings as a user certainly helps. Finally, I tried to cater to the various purchasing styles out there. Some users only use the service a few times a month, and there's a way to buy time for that case. Others want to run it themselves, and we allow that as well. It's challenging to make it all work so that it's portable for other's to use, but it also forces you to make good design decisions early on.

      Hope all that helps -- you've likely heard it all already, but reenforcement does help!

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        Thank you so much for taking the time to write this!
        It's very inspiring the amount of creativity and hard work you had to put in to cater to all these various customer needs in an optimal way, hats off for that!
        it definitely opens my eyes to get to hear these lessons from the lens of someone who succeeded at making them work.
        However the advice of making good design decisions early on is novel to me! I always hear the mantra of shipping an internally-crappy product fast is much better than investing time into shipping a well-architected product that might not end up catching traction... I guess it's a delicate balance that depends on the product? which in the case of browserless it is infrastructure heavy and needs quality-performance as part of its value proposition, right?

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