We just hit 3M sessions in a day!

We've hit 3M sessions ran in one day! This is a huge milestone for us, and places us as one of the largest providers for browser-based automation. Even with the likes of SauceLabs and Browserstack!

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    3m sessions sounds amazing, is it sustainable with the business model?

    PS - have you come across Ministry of Testing? Curious (it's my thing and an ideal market for your thing?)

    1. 1

      Hey thanks for the congrats! The nice thing about the biz model is that it scales (mostly linearly) with the on-boarding of users -- so yes!

      I have heard of Ministry of Testing! It's come up a few times, however I haven't looked much into it (will definitely now). Seems like a great community, do you do events near the Pacific NorthWest?

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