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I've seen a lot of people launching side projects and creating nice side income. Also, I've seen a lot of people not even starting because they think it's not good enough. I want to encourage them.

September 16, 2020 Become available on Spotify, Apple and Google

So far I have released 4 video episodes of Bruno Talks With. In two days I'm releasing 5th one. All 5 guests are also here on IH. @arvidkahl, @8bit, @AndrewKamphey, @krupali and @petecodes

But, recently I also started releasing audio only episodes. I'm doing that via anchor[.]fm.

The good thing is they publish it to another platforms, such as

  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts
  • Apple Podcasts
  • OverCast
  • Pocket Casts
  • Radio Public
  • Castro

Still n00b in all of this, but I'm satisfied with the progress. Few days ago I couldn't even imagine you could find my voice on Spotify

August 21, 2020 Released first episode, my guest is Arvid Kahl

Today I've launched a first episode of Bruno Talks With.

There's also a way to get Arvid's book, I've organised a giveaway.

Here are some topics that you can find in the first episode

  • Desire to help people is foundation of good product
  • Don't give up. Arvid is doing this for 10-15 years
  • Building in public. How it led to direct acquisition
  • Fear of copying ideas. Ideas vs execution
  • How community paid back when Arvid launched a book
  • Why Zero to Sold is so cheap? ($9.99)
  • Why building writing habit is important
  • Tribe and Niche, what is what?
  • Burnout happens, it's important to deal with it
  • A twitter DM (2012) landed a job in San Francisco
  • WHY NOT mindset, how I approached Arvid
  • Main takeaways and outro

Feedback appreciated.


August 15, 2020 Finished recording first 3 buffer episodes

I had some turbulent time over here and I couldn’t take a risk to start recording a video podcast and immediately release it. So I wanted to fill the buffer with a number of episodes first and then start to release it weekly, while in parallel to record new ones.

That number is 3. I wanted to record even more, but people kept asking when it would be aired. To be honest, I’m to blame here, because I kept announcing it on twitter and building tension all the time.

Yesterday I recorded the 3rd one and that means next week will be the premiere!

I want to keep this milestone short, so I’ll just announce the episodes and my guests here.

Episode #1 Give what you want to receive

In this episode I’ve talked with @arvidkahl about a lot of things. The main tone of the episode was about sharing knowledge and providing value wherever you can. That way you can expect it back on the long rune

Episode #2 Communities before product.

My guest was @8bit and we demystified what this actually means. Benefits of being open, transparent, vulnerable and building bonds with your folks. It’s all there.

Episode #3 Newsletters are never out of fashion

@AndrewKamphey spoke about newsletters. What he provides in his newsletter that has over 7k of subscribers and how that even started. Some tips for the people who want to start with it and why it survived all the trends on the internet.

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August 12, 2020 It was a shower thought idea

I'm not a podcast guy. I'm not a youtube guy either. I'm not a recording guy. So, how did this happen?

I'll tell you how it happened. I'm kicking myself out of comfort zone, that's how it happened. I believe one way to make personal progress growth is to leave the comfort zone.

I've decided to start sharing process with you fellow indie hackers.

I wrote the main motivation on if you want to check.

I'll keep the general milestones here, and if you want all the juicy things, you can subscribe for the newsletter.


In short words, I have a remote casual talks with my guests and will be uploading it to YouTube. I'm creating a buffer of 3 episodes (2 recorded so far) and then I'll go public about the details who will be the guests. So far I can only share the episode topics.

Ep 1: Give what you want to receive
Ep 2: Communities before product
Ep 3: Newsletters are never out of fashion


This is a new thing to me and a funny journey. I will share ups and downs, observations and things that worked for me.


I've seen a lot of people launching side projects and creating nice side income. Also, I've seen a lot of people not even starting because they think it's not good enough. I want to encourage them.