Launched on Product Hunt

Something I'm attempting, that I haven't seen many others do, is to spread awareness about my product through relevant articles.

Instead of being "me, me, me" all day long, I have a thread that I'm updating with problems and how BMP can help. You can view that here: https://twitter.com/diannamallen/status/1147399959114911749

I'm hoping this keeps engagement high!

I was actually quite hesitant to launch on PH. I wasn't sure if BMP was a proper product for that platform, but after much support - here I am :D

If you'd like to view the launch: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/budget-meal-planner

I plan on following up with another post tomorrow of all about how it went. This is also my first launch, so it's been very exciting and there's still much of the day left!

  1. 4

    Well done, launching publicly is a big thing and a big one to overcome - Upvoted!

    1. 1

      I appreciate your feedback, and yeah, it was overwhelming at first! But I'm very glad I took this step.

      1. 1

        I bet. Most important part is the snowball effect it has both on you and on the business - it allows for de-risking lots of hypothesis. Always a good rule of thumb when you're too much on your head truing to figure stuff, it's better to launch and figure it after - sounds simple but doing it every time isn't.

        Anyway, keep up the good work :)

  2. 2

    Congrats on the launch!

  3. 2

    I like the idea, I think it is really helpful for university students as most of them are on a budget.

  4. 1

    What a great launch! This project is really great and gives you a lot of attention to what you eat and your wallet 😋

  5. 1

    Upvoted! Good job with the promo!

  6. 1

    Congrats on the launch! I want to try it but I am just very bad at cooking.

  7. 1

    Good job launching it, im almost launching my first product and I'm really nervous about how to get a good start :P

    Looks like you did a good job! Upvoted.

  8. 1


    Like the concept

  9. 1

    We could team up in the future when I get my product released ;-) https://trackmylift.app

    1. 2

      Hell yeah, I'm all for collaborations. I will say, I'm not sure how much of my audience actually exercises though... it's more targeted towards people who just want to cut back on spending.

      1. 1

        True. I guess it would work a lot better vice versa. People who are exercising looking to budget on meals while still eating better. Love your product btw awesome stuff!

        1. 2

          Now thinking about it, you've just sparked an idea of another category I can expand on. I was already planning on offering keto, paleo, Whole30 etc. plans (over time ofc) may as well throw a more fitness-focused one into it all!

          We can link up once that's going :)

          1. 1

            Sounds like a plan to me. I'm in development at the minute on the actual app side of my product, Most fitness/workout trackers out there are so bloated and filled with unnecessary functionality it's almost ugly! :)

            Fitness related one sounds brilliant that'll be another category that would attract that specific audience! Nice one

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