December 23, 2019

24 hours on Hacker News front page


Jacquesm pulled a Paul Graham Classic on me...

I was on Hacker News, replying to Jacquesm (the 2nd highest karma user of HN) few levels deep in some random thread.

After writing couple of more comments, I went back to Hacker News front page, and of course in the meantime Jacquesm had posted "BugJail - a completely new way of debugging" without telling me, pointing to our half-finished landing page :)

Same classic practical joke how Paul Graham launched Reddit on Hacker News without telling in advance..

Stayed ~24 hours on front page with 258 points, got 5 figure unique visitors and hundreds of new beta testers, plus dozen interesting media, investor and collaboration contacts so could have been worse day, but wasn't particularly relaxing.

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