May 25, 2020


Zviko Masiiwa @Zviko

It turns out basing an entire course on one tester's opinion wasn't such a great idea.

While I'm grateful that my cousin took the time to test my MVP, the result wasn't what my audience wanted.

I had created a great 39-day personal branding course, but when I took it to the market, no one was interested. The feedback I got was:

  • 39 days is just too overwhelming. Not many people have the time to complete a module every day for 39 days.
  • They wanted the option to have someone else write the content and set up their marketing systems.

So, I got to work.

  1. I changed the course to take 21 hours instead, with no strict end date so thought leaders can choose how quickly they want to complete the course.

  2. I created a Built-For-You Personal Branding service, where I do everything for the thought leader who prefers that option.

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