Two weeks (almost) after launch

I launched the book the 8th of February 2020. Here's what happened:

  • First page of HN. (2021-02-11)
  • Very nice results from /r/commandline and /r/neovim and many more sales than I thought.
  • Good words of mouth (I think), many people writing to tell me the book is really good.

Tools used:

  • Here's a short video explaining the tools I used for the book itself.

  • For the landing page: Hugo (I've a good process for Hugo stuff, I can deploy one in 10min) with a theme I've adapted for my needs.

  • Selling platform: flurly. Fast, great UI, super good customer service, and more money in the creators' pocket.


  • My blog where a discrete (but still visible) little "ad" is displayed in relevant articles.
  • My landing page, explaining more the book, with a sample of it and a video explaining the whole development environment.
  • The sales page.

Some numbers:

  • Around 10 000 sessions on the landing page since the launch.
  • 5215 views on the sales page.
  • 638 samples of the book downloaded (on the sales page).
  • 230 sales (around 200 the first week).
  • 0 refund.

I feel it's pretty good but... I've no prior experience so I'm not sure. Compared to my expectations I'm in heaven, I didn't think so many people would be interested by this book.


I stopped sending newsletter. Its purpose was only to brainstorm with the people who were the most interested by the book.

That said, people buying the book are on a special newsletter where I'll send the updates of it. I'll still take feedback from there, asking what would be the most relevant for them to see in the future updates.


  • Continue to promote on some subreddit, slowly but surely (I don't want to be too "pushy", I believe in slow growth).
  • Continue to update the book and answer every single customer if they have problems or complains.
  • ... I don't know yet :D
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