December 9, 2019

MVP - Done. Competitors - Found.

Rasul Kireev @rasulkireev

Good news. The MVP for Built with Django is done. It relatively easy to do since there are not too many features. Currently, it shows two products built with Django and a form to submit your project. That is it.

I will personally curate all the submitted projects. I don't expect there to be a massive inflow of submissions, so manual handling seems like a good option for now.

Bad news. Apparently, my research was pretty bad, and there is a well-established site listing a lot of Django projects ( This discouraged me a lot at first. Then, I decided to approach the owner with a proposal to sell. No luck. Then, I decided that I would do a few things differently, and since the MVP is built will still go with the flow and see if there is any interest.

I will be submitting and launching to the usual stack (HackerNews, ProductHunt) in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, if you have a Django project you want to share, please submit it at

Hint: You don't have to share the project you built yourself. If you know of some cool things built with Django, share it too, or tell the author to share it.

Thanks all for reading!

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