September 16, 2019

Shared publicly that I was working on the BIGF

Ramon Suarez @ramonsuarez

When I started looking for business ideas I was a bit lost. There’s tons of info on how to validate ideas and work with them to product-market fit heavens, but all I found about generating ideas was for corporation working with their teams. I did read a lot of it, but could not find anything that was fit for entrepreneurs working by themselves. So I decided to apply some common sense and brain grease to come up with my own.

Thanks to this effort I generated a list of 145 ideas in my first sprint, and I keep on adding ideas regularly. I’ve reduced the list to 10 businesses opportunities or projects with a very delicate methodology.

The definitive business idea is not there yet, or at least I cannot see it clearly, but I cannot sit around only thinking. My brain slows down if I don’t get more done! I have good lists of ideas to launch businesses, to invest, and to learn. I also want to have multiple projects running at the same time, to gain more freedom from them and also more financial freedom/independence.

After a couple lunches with entrepreneur friends I noticed exactly that: I’m thinking too slow and complicating things too much. So I went and launched a first project with a domain that I love: (more about it below). I also run an artificial intelligence experiment with the help of my brother.

This is not enough, but it has lead me to the next thing (or things, actually).

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