August 31, 2019

First Version with My Code Released

Brian J. Link @bjplink

I released the first version of the plugin with my own code contributions today. Getting something out the door quickly after I took over was a priority for me and doing so in three days is something I'm considering a success.

One of my main goals, aside from cleaning up a lot of the basic problems I had with the plugin, was to see just how many people are truly using Business Manager. offers an "active installations" stat (Business Manager is at 300+) but there's a lot of hand waving involved with that number and you can't get anything specific out of their system.

Business Manager was averaging about 15 downloads a day so I'm hoping that the new release sees that figure climb significantly over the weekend and into next week. Releasing on a Friday before a major holiday weekend in the US might lower the numbers but ideally I'll see a combined download count, from Friday to Monday, of several hundred.

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