November 2, 2019

Public Beta is One Sprint out

Patrick Stolc @patrickstolc

It has taken 1+ months to reach the last sprint of beta development. I've been getting feedback in the process, from what would best be described as a "convenient sample" 😉

Busywork was started as a side-project, but I put freelance projects on hold to focus on it full-time. I'm scratching my own itch here. As a developer, I'm looking to get the most done with the least amount of typing. At the same time, I'm enabling people that don't know how to code, to build things.

For those interested in the tech side of things, I've used the following tools

  • Angular for the Web App
  • Python & Busywork (of course I'm using my own product) for the business side of things
  • AWS & Google Cloud (using both vendors for the maximum hustle)
  • Stripe for payments
  • Mailchimp for the email list

I'm excited to reach the Beta launch and see how it's received. Looking forward to keeping you posted on progress and I'm here if you want to chat.

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