October 30, 2019

Font.Pairings is on Product Hunt!

Juan Pablo Sarmiento @jpsarmiento

So, we're finally out!
We started this project as a means to visualize the font sets we were using on Freebies.ByPeople and other projects we are working on, but we figured others may find it useful as well so we've made it available to everyone :-)

Basically what this tool does is help cut the time you spend on typography research/testing with holy fire by making it easy to find good looking combinations of fonts to apply on a website - simply go to FontPairings.ByPeople, load a sample theme from the menu, and pick your poison: there's a listing of 100+ pre-made font combinations carefully selected by our in-house design ninjas, readily available at the sidebar so you can find the ideal match without too much of a hassle.

Among other great features in Font Pairings you'll find:

⚙️ Several website layout templates to see the font matchings according to your website's category

🔧 Premade font-pairings, chosen by our professional design ninjas - hop between font combinations easily, like a bunny. Bunnies hop. This metaphor works.

🔩 Test your titles & body text size separately - no awkward font sizes, promise.

🗜️ The test theme layouts are fully responsive, so test away on different device screens!

📥 You can download your Font Pairing directly - find killer typography for your website, app, or landing page of your next pet project

Hope you guys find it useful, please let us know your feedback or general rants about the tool, and thanks to everyone who helped us test it :-)

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