July 10, 2020

ByteTrack - Broader rollout: GA

ByteBeacon @catalystic

Near the end of 2016, just like a lot of folks setting new year resolutions, I set a goal of losing some weight. In most cases, a resolution like this gets dropped easily, but I somehow stuck to mine and did reach my goal by Feb. It made me happy, but only for a short while ...

I hit my goal by following diets and workouts I didn't really enjoy. I did them because of the goal! Once I reached the goal, I didn't realize it but slowly I dropped the diets and workouts. This is rather common with a lot of folks who go through extreme changes for quick results. What I realized later was goals aren't as important as habits, and habits form based on recurring events that you enjoy at some level (you need to have some passion for). You need to track your habits and all else lines up somehow.

Once you have a recurring event in front of you, the want to "check it off" somehow takes over. You'd be surprised to see what you accomplish by just logging these event completions. At least for me it was true ...

So in 2018, I tried something different: I started with going to the gym 2 times a week and in a little under 2 years, I've raised it to 4 times/week .. consistently hitting my target every week in the 2 years. This resulted in a much better health from 2 years ago. I also started tracking other habits that I wanted to improve like playing guitar, keeping a log of my finances, catching up with an old friend every week etc ... This approach has stuck with me and is taking over more domains as I try to organize habits for myself. I decided to build a tool that incorporated learning from this exercise and tracking methods used by enterprises like OKR / KPI.

A few months ago I released an early version of ByteTrack to select users. After hearing and incorporating most of the feedback from our early users, I feel the product is ready for a broader launch.

You can checkout the product @ https://bytetrack.bytebeacon.com/ and see if it can help you set habits for yourself as well.

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