May 20, 2020

First paying customers!

Andy @taurenking

Very happy to have our first paying customers on the beta of Calenduck!

We haven't properly launched yet, but last week we logged in on our Stripe Dashboard to tweak some settings, only to realize our live data registered three new customers (albeit one was from Feb).
Luckily, our early stage tactic of hunting down our specific niche seems to be working, and our conversations (mostly started via cold email) are quite engaging, with users requesting features and having suggestions.

--- What we did ---

Picked a niche

We launched with minimal features. Our landing page was concise and acted as an instruction manual. We hunted our early users in specific niches (mostly Calendly forum and a lil bit of Linkedin) and started a conversation.

Iterated as fast as possible

The landing page changed as much as 3 times in 4 months while the pricing changed basically every month, while we tried to figure out a correct amount and placement for the Slack bot. This is taking into consideration that our users are already paying for the Calendly service in the first place. After that it was more of a cycle of iteration, doing a little bit every day.

--- Whats next ---
I don't feel confident enough to do a big launch on PH or HN, so for the moment we'll still lay low and iterate to make the infrastructure more robust and the onboarding experience more pleasant. I feel like we also need to invest in a good pricing page, and start attacking existing solutions with some good comparison SEO articles (our users won't use Zapier or other similar integrations for a series of reasons)

If you have a Calendly Pro or Premium account, and need direct Slack integration, you should definetly give Calenduck a try!

  1. 2

    Thanks for sharing bro.

    Its so good how you've executed on this and provided a value add and a gap closing opportunity.

    What I love most is the hustle you did in the Calendly forum and on LinkedIn

    1. 1

      Yeah man. I think it's critical to understand where your users hang out and have conversations with them. Early on I was spamming on Reddit but that didn't work nearly as well!

  2. 2

    Congrats!!, Best of luck!

    1. 1

      I'll need that! Thank you!

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