September 12, 2019

Reached 500 registered users and things changed


Caliverse reached 500 registered users today which feels like a big deal. It is just a very beginning of what hopefully will happen in the future but feeling great about these numbers!
But recently I found out that something has changed. I am not really looking at the user count the way as I was before. I have understood that having existing users to workout more using my app, have them open Caliverse on a daily basis is much more important than having yet another 100 users. And this might be also a great way how new users will arrive - if user will be happy about my app, he will tell others and they will join.
So, I will focus more on existing users, improving their experience. As more users are joining, there are more of those that leave reviews in App store/Play store. While I had like 100 users they all gave me 5 stars for basically that the app existed. Now users are a bit more demanding. That is both good and bad - good that I know what users are seeking in my app but bad that it scares away potential users.
So, let's see what future will bring!

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