August 14, 2019

Time of appreciation


It's been a month since my app is live on App Store and 2 weeks for Play Store. And more than 6 months since the first line of code written for Caliverse.
I'm not earning a penny now but there are still a lot of things that I have gained. And it's time to appreciate them. Maybe others will find this article the exact thing they need to still keep going!
First I start with coding - I have learned and practiced a new programming language called Dart together with a framework - Flutter. This is a nice getaway from my everyday life and gives me chance to see other opinions on common issues occurring regardless of programming language used. Even though I haven't earned anything, I believe that this improves me as a programmer and will help in my career.
Next big thing is system administration, server setup, configuration and all that magic that is usually done by system administrator or devops. This was a black box for me. I have done some simple server configuration but things like load balancer, automatic deployment, pipelines, certificate management were impossible. But when you know that this is required for everything to work as smoothly as possible, there is no way out. So after long hours of ready, screwing up a few times, the result actually makes me proud! And while no money for me from Caliverse, I get this knowledge and that happy feeling that I've done it myself and done it quite good.
And last but not least is making connections. I've found United Calisthenics Group that helps me out quite a lot, I've talked to many people about any help that would take Caliverse to next level. I have received feedbacks and asked for reviews. I finally start to understand what business is and what it takes to make one. And my illusion that all it takes is a great idea, you launch it and you are rich, is gone. It is hard work for a long period of time. Each action you make will bring you some audience but your actions must be constant and without a break.
So guys, this is an interesting path to go and just don't stop - keep trying even if you think you are failing.

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