Credit card requirement removed

Introducing the free trial didn't get visitors to sign up either. I've now removed the credit card requirement, anybody willing to fill in the sign up form can start a 7 day free trial to evaluate Callcounter. Let's hope this will add some trial users and validate my idea.

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    I remember Rob Walling discussed the "card upfront" approach a few times, with numbers (what are the expected visitor to trial and trial to customer rates with and without credit card requirement), but the general idea IMO is that you can ask for a credit card if you have enough trust from the audience. For example, if you have nurtured them through your mailing list or you are a known brand/person in the industry.

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    oh. kk. was that a big problem?

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    Where are you finding your potential users? I feel like you should work on reaching out to some of these huge websites like https://www.programmableweb.com and see what kind of distribution they have to get your website out....

    How many visitors are you getting and how are you acquiring them? Are they highly targeted? Who are your competitors? How are you selling against them and why don't you have a live chat for potential users to ask specific questions?

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      I've added the API to that site a few days ago indeed. I'm currently using cold email outreach, Reddit DM's, launched on ProductHunt, today on Hacker News.

      I'm getting an average of 30-40 unique visitors per day. Most of them spend almost one minute on the site, so it seems they are targeted enough?
      There are products such as Microsoft Application Insights (only for .NET) and Google's Apigee API management (all traffic should flow through them, which is a privacy concern) and Moesif API management (more expensive than me).

      I currently don't have a live chat because of privacy concerns. Part of my marketing is that I'm pro-privacy and located in the EU. Adding some kind of live chat would require non-EU companies or cookies. Do you have any suggestions? Are they expensive?

      Thanks for your reply, food for thought!

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        Forget about privacy.... make sure you're compliant but you have to be focused on converting people. Add a live chat to start and then you'll have the ability to speak with your customers and address any of their concerns that maybe the site is not answering. You need to understand your customer more, if you get a lot of the same questions then you can add a section on that site that clearly explains it and thus helping in that conversion.

        I look at it like you see a bunch of visitors on your site but you don't know anything about them or why they're there.

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          It's very difficult for me to "forget about privacy", but I've just added a Europe based live chat system. Thanks for pushing me on this, currently it is more important than the privacy concerns :-)

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            Let me know how it goes... Make sure to have an opening pop up question that peaks their interest to ask you questions.

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              The automatic message appeared far too late. I've improved it to show up after 1 second. Let's see what happens.

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