October 14, 2019

Launched (and relaunched) a landing page

Peter Elbaum @jerryolives

I felt I needed a landing page before signing up for social accounts, so I threw together a quick one last week using nothing but my own skills and some unDraw.co SVGs.

The problem is, it looked like garbage.

I was so motivated to start reaching out to folks that I neglected putting together a decent-looking landing page. I feel I'm getting better at design, but this thing needed some serious work.

I still wanted to get something out fairly quickly so I opted for a template from HTML5up.net (thanks @ajlkn!). I ended up tweaking it to my needs, and I think what I launched looks pretty good.

My big takeaway is that I'll need to parse the balance between "ship it" and perfectionism. As I shared on the CampMate Instagram, it's a process. I consider this whole endeavor to be one big learning experiment for me that I hope will result in solving a real-world problem and providing value. Even if it fails, the learnings will be invaluable.


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