September 19, 2020 is Live!


I shipped it! My web app for creating custom soy candles on-demand is live! My wife is excited to make some more candles, and I'm excited to present something that will make the candle shopping experience fun, unique, and easy. The point of the app is to funnel customers into a final product cart. Like e-commerce but railroaded into a unique experience.

Why DIY Ecommerce

We maintain a woocommerce store, but all e-commerce experiences start to look indistinguishable. I wanted a single landing page that would lead to a lead form. It's easy to run ads into a single landing page. I hope this will be a high conversion application with a low barrier to entry.

The custom stack

I used Golang (go-fiber) for a backend and Svelte for a frontend. It's fast, and easy to deploy. I used Github hooks to push to the server and deploy all with a single push. It returns a systemd status so I know I compiled correctly. Simple, fast, easy. That's the goal of everything I do.

My mom tested it as she has decades of experience in QA. I didn't implement all of her feature requests, but hey. It's an MVP.

What's next

What comes after shipping?


Google display ads are my first channel. I'll be targeting keywords for custom candles, hand-poured candles, and unique experiences. Facebook ads maybe after that as I'd like to specifically target female markets with upper-class income and younger kids.

Word of mouth

Nothing beats word of mouth. Other than display ads, my wife and I will be talking to real estate agents to see if they want to offer candles as gifts. We'll try to find other ways to spread word of mouth as well.

Product Hunt

I don't know much about product hunt, or how to go about posting. I don't even know if is a good fit. I certainly can't give coupons because the price of our product is the set price, and that's it. We'll see what comes of this.


Speed up production, find cost savings, and test test test!

More to Come

This isn't the end! There are still so many goals ahead of us. First customers, big deals, and lots of fun! Go check out CandleCrafty and see if you can find your scent :)

Today's Top Milestones
  • New library - ICONZ
    I am so happy to announce that we created a new premium 3D library ICONZ 🎉 🎉 After months of work and preparation, it is finally here. I believe ICO
  • Crossed 500$ in book sales
    The book I wrote in May/June just crossed 500$ in sales. I put the book on Gumroad first as this was the easiest and cheapest way to share my work wit