December 26, 2019

CashFlowClub Recognized as Top growing start up

Richard Garcia @CFC_Pro

Our very own favorite IndieHacker has recognized CFC as #1 Top growing start up for the month and Top Revenue Growth for the week. . The best part: Half of CFC's revenue isn't reported because we transact the Co-Investing profits through a separate account from Stripe. Revenue will surpass 60k alone in just Fast Track sales and Community memberships. Co-Investing accounts for another 3ok this month in Co-Investing profits.

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    Between growth on course sales, memberships and co-investing deals... This month will now be an almost 90k month. Co-investing deals are not paid through stripe but done directly at closing. Cashflow club does not have a single employee to date. Just Richard. Operational expenses will not surpass a total of 7k this month.

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    Very glad to read that @CFC_Pro !! Keep up the good job man !!

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      Thank you for the support!