October 22, 2019

MVP Finished

Marilyn Magnusen @marilynmags

I've been working on an idea for a couple of months, just evenings and weekends.

I got the idea when I was walking around town one day with a craving for milkshakes. I did a search on Google maps for "milkshakes" but didn't find anything which looked like a good option.

I walked around for a while exploring the area and found a really cool place called Black Milk in Manchester's Northern Quarter, which does awesome milkshakes and desserts.

I opened my phone and realised it had actually appeared on the search on Google maps but I'd dismissed it because it didn't look like a good option. I'm very visual so a list of places on a map isn't very appealing to me, it would have been good to see pictures of all the places close by. I wanted an easier way to find places to eat.

I go out to eat fairly regularly but have never used any of the big booking sites. I realised that for eating out, there is nothing that caters to my demographic, the avocado loving the Instagram generation who lust with their eyes. Deliveroo does this wonderfully with eating in, there should be an equivalent for eating out too.

I've been building Casperly to help people find the best places to eat. I'm starting with Manchester because it's my home town and I only want to focus on one city to start with.

I have already built the functionality to make booking requests, but have commented it out for now as I just want to see if I can get some initial traffic to the site to start with; I then plan on approaching local restaurants to see if they want to sign-up and accept bookings via the site.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!


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