August 22, 2019

Launched on Product Hunt! πŸš€

Anthony DikΓ© @antdke

Hi Indiehackers πŸ‘‹

We finally launched CastChamp. A tool to find podcast audiences that match yours. A tool for leads essentially.

Unfortunately, Derick and I struggled for weeks to figure out how to productize this idea. We validated the idea on Reddit over a month ago. We even built up a waitlist of dozens of people during that time! We’re finally launching so now we can deliver on our promise 😁

CastChamp saves you time by recommending podcasts that have audiences similar to yours. We want help people find and advertise with podcasts that fit their target audience.

CastChamp works in 2 super easy steps:

  1. Sign up & fill out a short form about your audience πŸ“
  2. We'll send you a list of podcasts that match, via email πŸ“₯

Let us know what you think in comments πŸ™

Check out our launch on PH!

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