November 6, 2019

How we got our first £80/month paying customer.


We the founding members of as a team used to organize several boot camps at corporate and universities. We were in need to award students printed certificates for the courses they had been trained. A bad certificate generation experience sparked off the idea of creating a software platform that helps us generate certificates. Not only the certificate generation platform but also a centralized authority to validate certificates instantly.

We know that most organizations provide different types of certificates for different purposes as a mark of their participation and achievements. In a data-driven economy, it is very important for recruiters to pick such data points to consider a candidate's profile for a job. Till now we were using printed certificates which makes no sense when it comes to verification as well as due to the high availability of printing services even duplicate certificates are on the role in the market. This clearly shows that the distribution of printed certificates without verification becomes useless.

We started developing a minimum viable certificate generation platform which helps generate certificates within a small period of time without even getting to do any kind of designing and customization.

“LetSign” was strategically born.

After developing the first MVP we distributed certificates to more than 100 candidates with just a click of a button. It was the best feel, now comes the most important part. Watching us delivering unique certificates via our platform, one of the finest institutions was showing an interest in the product and they asked for a trial. As our platform was a SaaS model they were able to signup and start using the trial version. Within the next few days, we saw our first customer sharing his experience about our platform and subsequently on-boarded as a paid customer by subscribing to our Blosson yearly plan. :)

Lesson learned:
Built products that you would be ready to pay and use.

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