January 21, 2020

Introducing CG Cookie Live Events

Wes Burke @wesburke

With the launch of cgcookie.com version SIX, back in July 2017, we launched Live Events. After 4 months, we’re racking up quite a collection! We believe this is an important step for the future of CG Cookie education.

An Evolutionary Step

One of the most popular suggestions we get from members for improving our education is “more interaction with instructors.” While we’ve had questions and support tickets for years, text-based formats only do so much in terms of substantial student-to-instructor interaction. Compare it to a physical classroom where a student can raise their hand anytime to get immediate help. This is where Live Events comes in.

Live Events represent an evolution for our educational offerings. They open a lot of new doors for us to teach online in ways that pre-recorded videos either can’t at all or can’t do well.