October 6, 2020

Launched two new Youtube Blender shows!

Wes Burke @wesburke

Youtube is CG Cookie's largest "competitor" when it comes to online Bender education, while also being our biggest referral of traffic to the CG Cookie platform.

The one thing I've learned over these 12 years of being involved with CG Cookie is we must keep evolving, must keep changing to exist within the online business/consumer world. Gone are the days of "This is how we always did it".

The vision of the CGC youtube channel is less about step-by-step tutorials, http://cgcookie.com remains the best place for that 😎, but more about edutainment.

Imagine watching the latest Let's build it in Blender episode on the couch before calling it a night, or watching live as Chris is challenged to build an epic sci-fi scene in just one hour. Anything could happen.

Let's Build it in Blender: A bi-weekly pre-recorded episodic series where we follow Chunck Trafagander as he shares his workflow on building a community voted object.

Sci-Fi Blitz: A bi-weekly live Blender show where Chris Bailey has just an hour to open Blender, and build on the theme the community voted on.

As with anything, it's a long journey. This is just the first step. :)