October 20, 2020

New Spider Course with Blender 2.9

Wes Burke @wesburke

Over the years we've played with a variety of content release schedules: once a day, once a week, when we feel like, to the now once a month we release a meaningful course.

It's easy to get sucked into the I must release stuff constantly stream. While this may feel good to start, you're likely to burn out much quicker + devalue the content you're releasing.

Cg Cookie currently is on a once-a-month drop a course that has some meat to it. This is still in addition to the blog posts, live streams, and YT shows, but it helps focus the month.

This month, being Halloween we released a pretty rad course on how to create a spooky spider. 🕸



Today's Top Milestones
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  • Finished MVP and launched for public use.
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