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If you're motivated and persistent enough you can be successful in digital art without the massive college debt.

February 22, 2021 We're creating a short film

Thanks to the Epic Mega Grant we've begun to assemble our team to tackle creating an animated short with Blender and Unreal.

Leaning on CG Cookie's established Eat Sheep universe, we're going to join our two loveable heroes Melvin and Cale on an epic journey.

See who's on the team so far! More as I have it

January 4, 2021 Origin story shared on IndieHackers

A pretty cool milestone when you're interviewed by IndieHackers.

I was a tad nervous to share the story, though it's been one hell of a ride with this project. The relationships I know have with new friends from around the world is my favorite.

🍪 Happy Blending!

October 27, 2020 CG Cookie was awarded an Epic MegaGrant!

For years, Citizens of the Cookie have been asking us for training that brings the Unreal Engine and Blender together. Something that I've always wanted to deliver, but simply have not been able to pursue... until now.

I'm excited to share that CG Cookie is an Epic Mega Grant recipient! We’re ready to make some Unreal-tasting Cookies! 🍪

In the past 12 years, CG Cookie has become known for our high-quality Blender training and of course kick-arse community that makes it all possible.

CG Cookie is funded by members who purchase a subscription; that's what pays for our instructors, our support crew, and our servers.

Our main focus is on producing inspiring edutainment to keep our members engaged and learning - and we don't have much capacity to do anything else. And while we love teaching, we are also artists at the core who have that itch to create.

The Epic Mega Grant will enable us to secure additional resources and revisit an old passion project.

It's going to be a monster undertaking: creating something amazing while documenting the process along the way.

Don't worry, we won't be sheepish about the challenges, there will be plenty to eat consume. The result should be a pretty incredible bridge between the Blender and Unreal communities.

Huge thanks to Epic Mega Grant's team & you for supporting this rolling cookie over the years. #onward!

October 20, 2020 New Spider Course with Blender 2.9

Over the years we've played with a variety of content release schedules: once a day, once a week, when we feel like, to the now once a month we release a meaningful course.

It's easy to get sucked into the I must release stuff constantly stream. While this may feel good to start, you're likely to burn out much quicker + devalue the content you're releasing.

Cg Cookie currently is on a once-a-month drop a course that has some meat to it. This is still in addition to the blog posts, live streams, and YT shows, but it helps focus the month.

This month, being Halloween we released a pretty rad course on how to create a spooky spider. 🕸


September 8, 2020 Whoops... we had a birthday!

Earlier this month the CG Cookie project turned 12 years old. I attempted to find a decent way-back machine representation of the site, but this is the best I could come up with.

It's even featuring a 3D Studio Max tutorial done by me! Yikes...

Huge humble thanks to ALL who has contributed to the project over the years, and for the members supporting the project. It's incredible I even get to share this update. Pretty rad!


July 1, 2020 Launched two new Youtube Blender shows!

Youtube is CG Cookie's largest "competitor" when it comes to online Bender education, while also being our biggest referral of traffic to the CG Cookie platform.

The one thing I've learned over these 12 years of being involved with CG Cookie is we must keep evolving, must keep changing to exist within the online business/consumer world. Gone are the days of "This is how we always did it".

The vision of the CGC youtube channel is less about step-by-step tutorials, remains the best place for that 😎, but more about edutainment.

Imagine watching the latest Let's build it in Blender episode on the couch before calling it a night, or watching live as Chris is challenged to build an epic sci-fi scene in just one hour. Anything could happen.

Let's Build it in Blender: A bi-weekly pre-recorded episodic series where we follow Chunck Trafagander as he shares his workflow on building a community voted object.

Sci-Fi Blitz: A bi-weekly live Blender show where Chris Bailey has just an hour to open Blender, and build on the theme the community voted on.

As with anything, it's a long journey. This is just the first step. :)



February 27, 2019 A decade later...

We're still here... Pretty cool!

When I first started the CG Cookie project, the oppression of failure statistics washed over me.

Nearly 80% of businesses survive the first year, the numbers swing to a mere 50% survive year five. According for only one in three businesses will see 10 years.

We've certainly seen our share of successes and failures over this past decade here at A string of experiences testing our resolve, and whit have lead us to a decade of experiences growing an online business in an every changing environment. Somethings we got right, somethings terribly wrong.

Today CG Cookie is made possible by our now 10+ entrepreneurial minded crew, operating as a 100% remote team across various time-zones and borders, being challenged and having a bit of fun along the way.

As we enter year 11, I suspect our next decade will be just as interesting if not as challenging as the first 10.

It's what gets me out of bed in the morning, taking on new challenges, working on meaningful work, helping people, and building something that didn't exist prior to the thought.

Here's to another 10 years for the Cookie!

  • Wes
January 2019 Saying Goodbye to Brick and Mortar

2 years of collaborating without meeting face to face

Jonathan Williamson and I were as remote as it gets. Nearly two years would pass before we’d even meet in person when we met in Illinois to look for our first studio space

Why get a studio?

It was 2010: YouTube was 4 years old, streaming video hadn’t yet gone mainstream, digital artists were learning how to build their own audiences online. It was an exciting time and it seemed like the natural order of things; create a startup, gain traction and get a physical space to be taken seriously as a business.

November 2017 Introducing CG Cookie Live Events

With the launch of version SIX, back in July 2017, we launched Live Events. After 4 months, we’re racking up quite a collection! We believe this is an important step for the future of CG Cookie education.

An Evolutionary Step

One of the most popular suggestions we get from members for improving our education is “more interaction with instructors.” While we’ve had questions and support tickets for years, text-based formats only do so much in terms of substantial student-to-instructor interaction. Compare it to a physical classroom where a student can raise their hand anytime to get immediate help. This is where Live Events comes in.

Live Events represent an evolution for our educational offerings. They open a lot of new doors for us to teach online in ways that pre-recorded videos either can’t at all or can’t do well.


If you're motivated and persistent enough you can be successful in digital art without the massive college debt.