January 4, 2020

The idea

Alexander Olssen @alexanderolssen

At the end of November I've lost my day job and started thinking about what I want to do next in my career and life...

But since I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and wanted to build things (I've run apparel business, but it didn't take off 😞), so I decided that It's a great time to start again, but with digital product. 😀

Since I'm a non-coder (but I do understand HTML, CSS, JS, and Swift) and since I burning my $ every day, the product should be built fast, yet being nice-looking (since I'm a designer) and useful (since I'm product designer 😅). So, site builders were the only option...

So, closer to the point on what I decided to build...

The #1 library of free educational YouTube channels, to help people learn new skills - that what I've decided to build. And named it Channels Stack (not so creative in terms of naming, sorry)

Every time I start learning new things I ended up on YouTube because it's free and there u can find a ton of useful content (If u know what u're looking for 👀). But YouTube is mainly an entertaining resource and there is no separate section with educational content (as with music, video games, and films) - that gave me the idea of creating a website with a collection of educational channels. Simple.

Also sometimes I’ve received questions like “Dude, how did you make ABC” and I shared links to YouTube tutorials 😀.