December 19, 2019

100 Followers and 2000+ unique Twitch viewers

Raz @depomoty

A couple of weeks ago I started streaming the development of Chartbrew with the goal of keeping myself focused on working and remove any distractions that could lead to procrastination.

What I learned from this is that the community will be a vital part of Chartbrew's future. This might not be the case with all the products out there, but making the project open-source makes that a priority and I will make that a focus point.

During the streams, I was genuinely excited when people were dropping by showing interest in Chartbrew. I created a community on Discord and Slack, but now we're mostly hanging out discussing about the project on Discord so I will probably end up using just that one.

If you want to join the server you can do so here:

And if you want to drop by while I develop Chartbrew, you can follow me on Twitch here:

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