November 25, 2019

ChartBrew Cloud launched!

Raz @depomoty

ChartBrew was not thought out to be an open-source project and all the SaaS functionalities were quite coupled with the rest of the project. On top of that, it didn't make it easy to plug new things either. For launching the open-source project, the whole codebase was basically separated in a new repository while the current live version at was running as the old repository.

After some improvements to the open-source repo, it was finally possible to integrate the SaaS features back into a new ChartBrew cloud repo which uses the Open-source project as an upstream. All this makes it super easy to merge new updates in the SaaS version.

The Open-source project basically became an open core which can be built upon.

Ok, tech ramble over 😅 The site has live updates displayed all the time with the help of a cool little app called Headway. Now it's time to plan the next moves! Feel free to check the updated site. ChartBrew has a free plan so you can always try it out without a catch. Let me know what you think 👋


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