January 16, 2020

Dogfooding in the Dec 2019 update blog

Raz @depomoty

I recently released a the new Chartbrew blog where I will write monthly updates about the product and write (hopefully) interesting articles about data viz.

In the latest blog post I added on the site, I wrote about the stats of Chartbrew in December 2019 and I saw that as the perfect opportunity to "eat my own dog food" and show the stats directly from the charts I created in Charbrew. All the features I added recently were born from things I wanted to accomplish myself and it's going to continue like that for a while. New people are starting to use Chartbrew now as well, especially the open-source version and it will be interesting to hear about the different opinions they have about the product.

...but that will come in the next monthly update, which is quite soon!

Do you use your own product in work/life tasks? I'll be interested to hear how you do it and how it influences the way you work on your product.

You can read the blog post here

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