Embraced open-source

In the summer of 2018, two devs started working on a tool to visualise data from different data sources and aiming at making the process as friendly and simple as possible, even sacrificing advanced features.

The main problem we encountered was that we did little customer research and after we launched we realised we don't actually know our users and had a hard time to find somebody to use it.

Then life happened and both co-founders got really busy with work/university and business development ceased. With time we realised that we actually built something quite good and others gave us similar feedback. This is why we thought that we can at least make this project public and go the open-source route. This way others can use it, they can contribute to development, offer more feedback and help shape a better software.

After several days of stripping down SaaS features, transactional emails, writing documentation, ChartBrew can be built and hosted on any server.

So if you want to get started with this, fork, clone and host ChartBrew with no limitations whatsoever! https://github.com/razvanilin/chartbrew

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