October 22, 2020

More than 100 charts created in Chartbrew 💯

Raz @razvanilin

So excited to have reached this milestone! You can see the live stats here.

Chartbrew is still in Beta and I'm grateful to have people using it at this stage. All the feedback guides me towards the big v1 release (which will happen before the end of the year, by the way!).

The next Beta version is going to release soon and it will make the platform much more customisable and easy to use. I've been already working on this update for more than a month now, so can't wait to share it with the world.

Now onto the next milestone: 1000+ charts 🚀

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    Congrats Raz, that's a really fantastic milestone to hit! Now for the next 900!!

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    That looks cool. Any paid subscriptions from these users?

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      Thanks @upenv 😀 No paid subscriptions yet. The free plan is quite generous for all the use cases that the current users use it for. The free plan will be removed in v1 though as the platform can already be self-hosted for free anyway. The Beta helps me find out the value I can provide with Chartbrew, which is nice 😁

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        Makes complete sense to get initial traction and feedback. Win-win

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    What is the target audience? It looks like it's similar to Grafana, but with a simpler UI/UX.

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      Thanks! 😁

      Yes indeed, that's the kind of audience I want to attract. Founders or small teams that just want to quickly set up a quick dashboard and not get lost in specifics. An important part of the tool will be to work as much as possible on automation, so getting dashboards created automatically based on your data. But that will come after the initial launch 😀