November 3, 2019

Launched Checklist King

Micheil Cathcart @Babaschweel

Really excited to launch Checklist King after 2 years of hard work and getting over the mental block of getting it finished.

So many lessons for me here. Firstly it really dawned on me part way through this project that I was never going to build anything again without understanding the target market better first. Because I have had a few half built projects, I still committed to finishing and launching Checklist King regardless of whether their was a place in the world for it or not. I needed to do this for my own sanity.

It also showed me how I could adjust things in my life to find the time to get it finished. Some great lessons (A lot from Indie Hackers) like getting up a few hours earlier, sticking with a job while you are still motivated to do it and riding that wave before it subsides etc.

I also learnt Firebase as a suitable BAAS and a lot about PWA's. All in all at the very least a good learning experience.

Now onwards and upwards to learn how to kickstart a SAAS app, see what can come from that, mostly following a LEAN model.

Very excited however it plays out, and it feels great to launch.

Big thanks to for the landing page as well, really cool templates :)

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