DevObs MVP Launched

DevObs is my latest side project and is intended to be a collection of tools to help with common day-to-day issues that crop up as you develop and maintain your application.

The first tool is an SSL Certificate Checker which checks to see if your SSL certificate is valid and when it expires.

This has arisen from a website migration job I've been working on where I am moving several sites to a new server, some with SSL configured using bought certificates, some using LetsEncrypt and some still not using SSL at all.

There are still a number of teething issues but I'm pleased to have got it out there in a relatively short space of time (working lunchtimes for the last 3-4 weeks).

Next steps - to enable monitoring and notifications of upcoming SSL certificate expirations

You can give it a whirl at https://devobs.co/ssl-certificates

  1. 1

    hey cool idea man.

    I think you could make the interface nicer by getting rid of everything non functional really simplify the userface.
    -toss the links and useless crap section at the bottom no1 every clicks/looks at /uses and is just ugly. toss the products button, home button - Literally just have the link section for ssl, and then an email section for when you release more features.

    Less is more in this way I think.

    1. 1

      Cool, thanks for the feedback. I'm not much of a designer so I bought a template and have attempted to work within it to get something up and running quickly, but it definitely needs refinement.

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