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DevObs Update

I've been chipping away at devobs.co most days since launch and adding lots of little tweaks here and there. Most of them are little updates that I can manage in a lunch hour or in a spare half hour before work i.e. providing better messaging for result statuses (invalid/expired), adding canonical tags, fixing a bug with mixed case input like DevObs (I found this because of auto-complete on my mobile), etc.

The results view has been reworked into more of a dashboard-style layout and can show the results from multiple checks. I intend to carry this layout through into a summary dashboard which I hope to build next year.

Work has also started on the MVP for SSL monitoring and notifications, which is going well, and I hope to have up and running towards the end of next week.

Throughout the week I've been doing random SSL checks of domains that pop into my head as I've been working and these random SSL checks have helped identify issues with 3 sites.

All-in-all a good couple of weeks.

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      Hi Alex,

      It's taken a wee bit longer than I anticipated to get the monitoring and notifications up and running but I've managed to get it launched now. If this is still of interest to you I would love for you to give it a whirl and let me know what you think.


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