New Tool: SERP Simulator

The last few weeks I've opted for a slightly different direction. I parked the SSL dashboard stuff I was working on and worked with @alistairtweedie on a SERP simulator which he's been using to improve his SERP result for https://designremotely.co.

This has come along really well and I've now added it as a free tool onto https://devobs.co.

To make it even more useful I wanted to provide an integration so I created a bookmarklet that would allow you to open the SERP Simulator for any webpage as you are browsing the web. The link for the bookmarklet was just

javascript:(function() {
    window.open("https://devobs.co/tools/serp-simulator?url=" + encodeURI(window.location.href));

Alistair got this to work well but had suggested a Chrome plugin would be better so I created a really simple Chrome plugin the had effectively the same code and it has been accepted into the Chrome Web Store. This was an early iteration (basic styling etc) as I wasn't 100% sure it would pass the review phase, so now I need to go and give it a bit of TLC.

And finally, I added a subtle CTA onto the SERP Simulator to let you know how many days until the SSL certificate expires for the domain being used in the simulation. I'm hoping this will help drive more users into the main product offering.

So, to round up this update, I've

Feel free to give it a try. You can see what Alistair has been using it with via https://devobs.co/tools/serp-simulator?url=https://designremotely.co/jobs/

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    Nice work. I want to try your app. I have made the similar infinite simulator app for android.

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    👋 Thanks again @chrisshennan Nice work! 👏

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