SSL Certificate Monitoring now available

I am pleased to announce that SSL certificate monitoring is now available from https://devobs.co/ssl-certificates.

Adding an SSL certificate monitor is a 3 step process

  • Perform a check against your website for a SSL certificate
  • Sign up for notifications (Add monitor button)
  • Click the confirmation link in the email.

You will receive a notification when your SSL certificate

  • is due to expire
  • has expired
  • is invalid
  • when the certificate is updated (i.e. has been renewed)

The next step is to take a step back from development and take a look at getting some users (other than myself) using it. My goal is for 100 SSL monitors to be activated by the end of the month.

Anyone who would like to try out the SSL certificate monitoring (and help me reach my 100 active monitor goal) would be most welcome 😊


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