October 20, 2019

Created a user-friendly URL so it's more readable

Victor Ribero Guasch @devictoribero

When building products, it's important to have user-friendly URLs because these create trust with the user so it's easier to make them click on those links and share them. Not only that, but they are SEO friendly too 😀.

So with that in mind, I wanted to create a sematic URL for the results page when looking for a plant given some filters.

So, instead of having:

🙅 /plants?watering=little

🙅 /plants?toxic=false&space=terrarium&exotic=true

Now, the URL looks like this:

👉 /plants/easy-mini-or-small-plants-tolerate-low-light

👉 /plants/nontoxic-exotic-mini-plants-for-terrarium

👉 /plants/little-watering

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