#MondayPlantStory, plant lover's stories for you

MondayPlantStory 🌱🤓.

Every Monday people who love #plants share their story behind how they started growing #houseplants. I like to ask about what motivated them to start growing #plants what problems they had, and more 🎙️!

New story 👇:

@potted_joys 's name is Maria (IG account). She always liked #nature and now she has tons of plants at home 🏡.

Her first #plant was a #pileapeperomioides 🍀 and it grew like hell! It had tons of babies which made her so happy ☺️!

She shares it with us that it's impossible for her to keep a #maidenhairfern alive. She has tried everything!

She learned that a lot from @crazyplantguy (IG account). She says 💬: "I find his material to be very informative but also silly and entertaining at the same time".

If you want to share your story with all of us DM me 📨.

I hope you like this episode 🍀.

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