#MondayPlantStory, plant lover's stories for you

#MondayPlantStory 🌱🤓.

Every Monday people who love #houseplants share their story behind how they started growing them. I like to ask about what motivated them to start growing #plants what problems they had, and more 🎙️!

New story 👇:


Karolina and she is from Poland, and like most of us, she can't keep a fern alive because of the humidity problems 💨 😂.

She has a couple of cats 😺, and loves to spend the weekends with them and her plants 🌱! Her nickname ‘kociokwiatki’ is a combination of these two words - ‘cats’ and ‘plants’

Karolina’s is been interested in plants for 3 years 🗓️. Like everyone, she started with 2 of them (because we’re usually scared). She saw the plants were doing fine, so she started buying more, and more, and more 🛒… And now she has 75 plants already 😱!

Her favorite plant is #AlocasiaBlackVelvet also known as Alocasia Reginula Black Velvet. Alocasias usually require high humidity but this one does fine in average room humidity.

When it comes to a morning routine, she says:
“I start with watering 💦 and fertilizing 👩‍🔬 if the season requires it. I also try to thoroughly clean the leaves of dust. With so many plants, it really takes a lot of time but it's very relaxing for me. 💆‍♀️"

“I also check the leaves then - looking for any signs of disease or parasites 🐛. If there aren’t any I breathe a sigh of relief and if there are... then the fight begins! Unfortunately, I am currently facing a scourge of thrips and spider mites, it's very frustrating when you look at dying plants, but you can't give up 💪!”

If you want to read more stories visit chooseyourplant.com/stories 🤓.

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    Love this Victor! I've actually created some stories myself for Nutriso and after seeing yours, I'm going to have to get back to reaching out to more community members for THEIR story. Great job :)

    1. 1

      Sure! It takes lots of time, I wish I could do it more, but tbh I have to keep working on the tech product per se, but it gives you a lot of benefits!

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