March 30, 2020

Today I launch on ProductHunt launch my community

Victor Ribero Guasch @devictoribero

Today I launch my first iteration of a product I ship with special love and passion because I think it's so needed for everyone!

A worldwide community for houseplant lovers!

ChooseYourPlant is a place to:

  • 🌱 Discover new plants you love in an instant.
  • 🤓 Learn how to take care of them
  • 📺 Watch video tutorials from the community
  • 📸 Share images of your plants with everyone.
  • 🍀 See plants that look similar or with the same specifications.
  • 🛒 Buy plants from trusty retailers recommended by the community.

Even if you like plants or not, if you feel stressed, or if you're looking for a new hobby, I invite you to check this project out!

I wish everyone has a good day!

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    Upvoted. Good luck 🙂

    1. 1

      thank you so much for the upvote! Did you genuinely like it? do you have plants already?

      1. 2

        I genuinely like the concept, but honestly I have no time left to care for a plant. My hands are full with my other projects 😉

        1. 1

          I like to hear you really liked the project, thank you so much!

          What if I tell you I could recommend you plants that need only 5min ever 3 weeks or so? ^^ In case you like the idea, sansevierias (snake plants) could be of your interest!

          They are drought-tolerant and they do well in low-light conditions (as less light, less water they need). In adittion, they're air cleaners! ^^

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            Plants and Pets for me are in the same category, I mean, I like them but I don't want to "raise" them. They are like kids, you become emotionally attached and you have to make life changes based on them. Like for a simple trip abroad, you will start to worry about where to keep them etc... I am not selfish, I have 2 teenagers kids that I raised with a lot of attention, just that now I want to spend more time on my projects, I am not ready to have another "child" 🙂

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              I couldn't agree more about pets/children. I don't think plants are like the same tho hahah you can just ask someone to take care of the planta. few days, or do some tricks to keep them alive in case of traveling.

              On the other hand, I understand you about not wanting to worry about anything.

              I'm doing a software side-project as well to automate the watering for houseplants ^^