January 17, 2020

Selected For Final 4 Of EdTech Pitchfest


The team at Chromebook Getter was selected to participate in the FETC pitchfest for companies that are building tools in the education space. Out of 28 companies selected to compete, the judges selected 4 for the final round that will take place tomorrow morning and Chromebook Getter was one of the 4. Im blown away but here is why, I 100% was the worst pitch. I stumbled over my words and forgot what I was going to say. See this taught me one thing about myself. I know this product inside and out and, when when asked to talk about it I can give you the full pitch perfect but the stress of being up on that stage and people watching can get to anyone. I learned that if you have a good product even if you're not perfect someone might see the potential. I learned not to take myself too serious, nothing is the end of the world and don't change who you are as a person for one pitch or even one second.

After I got done with my pitch I felt that I had let my entire team down. My soul goal as the CEO is to shine the company in the best light and that did not happen today. I learned that what hurts worse for me is the feeling of letting my team down, and I do not want to feel that way again. I am grateful that the judges saw past the worst pitch in the room and that I have an opportunity to make up for it as not every company in the room has that chance.

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