November 21, 2019

ChurnTarget: live and looking for early users

VictorFink @Goldriver

ChurnTarget: Fix your customer's churn before it happens.

I had this idea one week ago and I'm really happy with all the work done since then. The website is now live, and all I have to do now is decide and implement the integration that customers will have to do.

I was thinking about an integration with several CRM but I'm still not sure, that's why I'm looking for early users that might be interested in this kind of product, to know what would be the integration they prefer!

I already joined several groups of SaaS founders (Facebook and LinkedIn) so I'll start looking into that.

By the way, if any of you indiehackers is interested, just contact me (use the chat on the website): it'll be free for you until the official launch, and then you'll have a 50% lifetime discount on all the plans.