October 20, 2019

2000 unique sessions

Lachlan Kirkwood @LachlanKirkwood

Since launching my product in August, Clickthrough.marketing has now surpassed 2000 sessions.

As I've mentioned in previous milestones, I attributed the growth of my product to the communities I leverage, as well as my own personal network.

As a digital marketer, I'd spent the last few years building a personal brand within the industry. This enabled me to easily drive traffic and initial users as my audience was familiar with what I was building.

Since launching, I've also focused on using relevant communities like Reddit and Facebook groups to drive additional traffic to the platform.

Within these communities, I actively spent time adding value before promoting my product.

Although I'm excited about the traffic I've acquired, it's not my north star metric.

As a platform that facilitates users to publish content, my goal is to continually convert users from consumers to creators.

I'd love to know what strategies you've used to help drive traffic to your product. Let me know what's worked for you in the comments.

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