September 25, 2019

First post with over 200 unique pageviews

Lachlan Kirkwood @LachlanKirkwood

ClickThrough is a platform where digital marketers can publish case studies about the beautiful work they create.

Bring a digital marketer myself, part of my growth strategy for the platform is to publish original pieces of content to the platform, then distribute that with my network.

After building the platform using Bubble, I took it to myself to create an open-sourced digital marketing strategy for the brand.

The purpose of the post was again to drive traffic to the platform and encourage users to register for an invite code to the community.

This post I published yesterday has seen the most engagement to date, driving over 200 unique page views.

This might seem like much, but I’d love to celebrate the small wins along the way.

I also wanted to share a deep dive into my distribution strategy to help anyone looking to drive more traffic to their product.

I’d leveraged a myriad of online communities to distribute the post, including;

  • My own LinkedIn network
  • Twitter - Bubble responded and retweeted my post
  • Facebook groups - A small group I moderate
  • Product Hunt - Launching the case study as a product
  • Hacker News
  • Indie Hackers
  • Reddit - Although most of the subreddits I shared the post in were marked as spam (which was fair)

Acquisition analytics below (measured in unique pageviews):

  • Direct - 67
  • LinkedIn - 50
  • Indie Hackers - 37
  • Facebook group - 30
  • Hacker News - 20
  • Product Hunt - 6
  • Reddit - 4

I hope this can share some insights into the online communities that can be leveraged as an indie hacker.

If you’re interested in reading the original post, you can catch it in full here:

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